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PHD Degree Series 2:Literary Review


In this article, we will introduce a good practice of  literary review which is considered as one of the most hard part of research.

Define Keywords

To find the proper papers, you need to define the interested keywords firstly. Different research area, the definition could be various. A basic method is called “coarse to fine” method. You can first choose the problem as the keyword and then choose the specific subtasks or algorithms as keyword.

Choose Papers

Once the keywords are defined, the paper is easy to choose. You can find papers from google or google scholar. But sometimes it’s hard to find the latest articles from the public website. If you can access some commercial research resources such as IEEExplore, ACM, etc., that’s easier for you to browse the latest research result.

Reading Papers

Reading papers are the critical step of literary review. Students always find they already read the papers very carefully and understand each sentences of the paper, but they can’t catch the key idea of the paper when they finish the reading. The comparison of different is even harder for them.

When you read the papers, you should remind yourself the following questions:

  1. What’s the motivation of the work.
  2. What’s the challenges discussed in the paper.
  3. What’s the innovations of the work.
  4. What’s the performance of the result.

You can write the answers to these questions on the top of the first page. It’s easy for you to summarize the paper afterwards or make comparisons between different papers.

Write Review

Taxonomy is the main consideration to write the review. You should choose a good taxonomy structure to summarise the research work from different aspects.

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