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Internet Finance Series 1: Who can do it


Modern finance are highly relying on the IT technology. Hence, Internet finance needs both IT and finance knowledge. In this article, we will discuss who can do this work through introducing my biography and dream. Although my biography is a unique case, we try to give some brief feeling  of the internet finance employee’s background.

My biography

  • Computer Science PHD from UNSW (IT: sensor networks)
  • Researcher from DSTO (IT: military object recognition)
  • Senior Researcher from Microsoft Research Asia (IT: next generation multimedia networks)
  • Researcher from CSIRO (IT: wireless inference and error deduction)
  • Lecturer and senior researcher from UNSW (IT: advanced networking)
  • Mathematics trainer (Advanced mathematics)
  • IT director from FX company (Finance: foreign exchange, IT: customer analysis)
  • CEO of Australia IT Global (IT: exchange system, CRM, report system and Finance: FX, banking)
  • CTO of CUCPAY (Finance: third part payment, supplier chain finance and IT: payment system, risk management system, CRM……)

We can see my initial background falls into computer sciences. Along with my job change, my financial knowledge keep increasing to match the new job requirements. We can say all the people who have It knowledge and want to learn financial knowledge can work in Internet finance industry.

I have a Dream:

I have a dream: setting up three bridges between

–China and Australia

–Research and Industry







–Non-finance and Finance





I am trying my best to set the mentioned three bridges to change people’s traditional idea that researchers are too shame and researchers should be poor.

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