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Dr. Alex Dong is the CTO of CUCPAY. CUCPAY is a third part payment company in China. CUCPAY is the first company obtaining the pre-paid card licence of FuJian Province in 2010. CUCPAY is the only one company obtaining the on-line payment licence of FuJian province in 2014 (in processing).

Before that, Alex is an IT manager (Australia) at MXT Global after promoting from a senior system developer. Before he join MXT Global, Alex was a software engineer at Enfinium.

Alex worked in CSIRO as a research engineer and PHD scholarship holder from 2007 to 2012.  During this period, Alex obtained his PHD degree as well. Alex was selected as “Microsoft Research Asia(MSRA) Fellowship” in 2008. This award was granted to only two PHDs of Australia in that year.  Alex joined MSRA as a research engineer in 2009 for his internship.   Alex worked as a software engineer in CSIRO in 2007.

Before this, he worked in CSE, UNSW as a software engineer.

Alex has 10 years C, C++, and Java programming experience. In particular, he worked in embedded system and mobile phone design and programming for 5 years.  Alex specializes in image processing, computer vision, mobile networking and embedded system design.

In addition, he is familiar with various hardware platforms such as: TinyOS(e.g. micaz, mica2 ), Windows Mobile/CE (e.g. HP IPAQ), Symbian (e.g. Nokia series),  IOS (e.g. Iphone, IPAD), and Android (e.g. Google) .

The projects he experienced cover:  acoustic information collection, object localization, networking protocol implementation and automated social information collection.




July 2015 — Present | XianMen, FuJian China

CUCPAY is a third part payment company in FuJian province, China. CUCPAY obtained the first prepaid card licence of FuJian province in 2010. And CUCPAY obtained the only one online payment licence of FuJian province in 2014 (in processing). CUCPAY has about 2 millions customers to use their prepaid card system, online payment, and credit rating system.

1. Design and manage prepaid card system.
2. Design and develop online payment system.
3. Design and develop credit rating system.
4. Manage the technic team.


Australia IT Global

July 2015 — Present | Sydney, Australia

Australia IT Global (AIG) is a high technology transfer company. AIG focus on IT and finance area projects. AIG already set up extensive customer resouces in China and other Aisa pacific countries. In addition, AIG also has setup friendly relationship with Australian research organizations and universities.

1. Project selection.
2. Funding management.
3. Investment matching.

IT Manager

MXT Global

Fbruary 2015 — June 2015 | Sydney, Australia

1. Manage Australia IT team.
2. Negotiate and manage 2 IT teams in Beijing and Zhenzhou of China.
3. Develop mobile apps in IOS, Android.
4. Administrate DC, exchange server.

Senior System Developer

MXT Global

May 2014 — Freb 2015 | Sydney, Australia

1. Mobile apps development. Develop MT4 currency trading system in Iphone, IPAD and Android platforms.

2. Integrate MT4 platform to Mac system.

3. Integrate MT4 system with Salesforce system.

4. Develop MT4 data analysis system by using MT4 API. This system is released as web service by using C++ and Java Spring.

5. Deploy and maintain Exchange server 2013.

6. Deploy and maintain server monitoring system by using nagios.

Software Engineer


February 2013– May 2014 | Sydney, Australia

Vantage is an award winning Australian registered financial institution providing online trading and managed account capabilities to retail, high-net worth and institutional clients in Australia and the rest of the world. Enfinium provides traders access to a global financial markets from a single account and also margin FX trading via the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

1. Extend our web-based currency sell and buy system to mobile handsets such as: Iphone, Ipad and Android based smart devices. This work needs to code in ISO and Android system. In particular, it requires the knowldge of socket programming, Objectiv-c, Xcode, Android API, and Android Development Toolkit.  It also need to learn how to release these software to Apple app store and Goolge play.

2. Develop data processing and reporting system by using MetaTrader 4  manage APIs. This work consists of back end web service and front end user interface.  The web service is used to capture and process data from MT4 live server and report server  which is implemented  by C++. This web service is released by using “staff” software.  The user interface provides the interactive function used by users that is  based on Java Spring and maven.

3. Integrate third part payment system such as UnionPay, Master, etc. to our fund deposit website. This work needs the knowledge of PHP, JavaScript and CSS.

4. Setup and manage Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. This work needs deep understand about Small business server, active directory, exchange 2013 and SSL certificate issue.

Research Engineer


July 2007– November 2015 | Sydney, Australia

1. Investigated participatory sensing for consumer pricing. This work is under the supervising of
Dr. Salil Khanhere (UNSW), Prof. ChunTung Chou (UNSW) and Dr. RenPing Liu (CSIRO).
2. Proposed and implemented new computer vision and machine learning algorithms for fuel price
detection by using Matlab.
3. Proposed and implemented a mobile phone based automatic fuel price collection system by using C#, Java, Sybiam C in Nokia N86, N95, N96 mobile phones.

Software Engineer

Microsoft Research Asia

Mar 2009– September 2009 | Sydney, Australia

I obtained “MSRA fellowship 2008” in 2008. After that in 2009, i went to BeiJing to work in Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA).
1. Implemented compressive sensing algorithms in C++ language.
2. Proposed new signal sparse algorithms.
3. Developed a multi-media transportation system by using compressive sensing.

Research Engineer


July 2006– July 2007 | Sydney, Australia

1. Investigated reliable data transportation protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).
2. Implemented the proposed protocols by using NesC, C++, Java in Micaz motes.
3. Conducted extensive experiments to verify the proposed algorithms.
4. Developed a reliable data transport system to overcome the asymmetric error problem.

Software Engineer

University of New South Wales

Mar 2006– July 2006 | Sydney, Australia

1. Investigated object tracking by using acoustic information. This work is supported by Defence
Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).
2. Implemented the proposed an object tracking system in Mica2, Micaz and Tmote by using NesC


HuaiAn College of Information Technology

Mar 2002– Mar 2004 | HuaiAn, JiangSu, China

1. Investigated object tracking by using acoustic information. This work is supported by Defence
Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).
2. Implemented the proposed an object tracking system in Mica2, Micaz and Tmote by using NesC

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